Anti-Aging Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter Bottle

GREATLY IMPROVED HYDRATION: By micro-clustering and reducing water molecule size, this Anti-Aging Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter Bottle produces easily-absorbable alkaline water that will get you hydrated faster and more effectively. It is also designed to be portable, so that you can always have it with you!
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With Anti-Aging Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter Bottle,you can create your own alkaline antioxidant water and carry it with you wherever you go. In just 15-20 minutes, the Anti-Aging Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter Bottle increase the pH up to 9+, while reducing the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to less than -150 and also microclusters the water for enhanced hydration.



Our Anti-Aging Alkaline Ionizer Water Filter Bottle can make healthy water

1. Portable & don't need electricity, quick & safe;

2. the water bottle can reduce wrinkle production prevent body aging, beauty skin

3. ALKALINE WATER - increases the pH up to 9+ to create alkaline antioxidant water




ORP ball: Antioxidant,make  -200mV

Alkaline ball: Alkaline, make PH  9+ 

Natural Maifan Stone: Minerals water, add Ca, Mg, Li, Zn,Se, Sr in water

Antibacterial Ball : Bacterial removal >96%

Far-infrared Ball:  Activate water

Wavelength(um):4-14um Far-infrared emission rate(%): 10-18


Test Data


Use method 

The base (the bottom) is only opened when you need to replace the cartridge. Follow the steps below to replace the cartridge.

1.Unscrew the base.

2.Unscrew the old cartridge and dispose it.
3.Screw the new cartridge on until it is tight.
4.Screw the base back to the bottle after making sure the silicone gasket is in place.
5.Screw the base until it can't be twisted anymore and then to test it, slowly turn the water bottle upside down to see if any water comes out. In case any water comes out, unscrew the base and repeat Step 4 and Step.










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