Natural Alkaline Water Bottle

Natural Alkaline Water Bottle – produce alkaline water anytime, anywhere with our stylish alkaline water purifier bottle system. Reduce bacterial growth, improve oxidability and improve the PH balance with our easy to carry and easy to use alkaline water filter bottle, featuring ORP, alkaline, antibacterial and far-infrared balls as well as natural Maifan stone to improve the quality of water for a range of health and well being benefits for you to enjoy
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No electricity or plumbing required. The Natural Alkaline Water Bottle is very convenient and ideal for driving, hiking, travel and more. Anytime, anywhere you can enjoy high quality healthy water. You can simply transform any drinkable tap water into clean, healthy and mineralized hydrogen-rich alkaline drinking water. Natural Alkaline Water Bottle is a perfect gift for family, friends and the love one.



Our Natural Alkaline Water Bottle can make healthy water.

Huge Capacity 255cup/16 Gallon/60Liter filter capacity.

Increase PH and adding beneficial minerals.

Remove chlorine, heavy metal.

Improve water taste and smell, eliminate micro-organisms.




ORP ball: Antioxidant,make  -200mV

Alkaline ball: Alkaline, make PH  9+ 

Natural Maifan Stone: Minerals water, add Ca, Mg, Li, Zn,Se, Sr in water

Antibacterial Ball : Bacterial removal >96%

Far-infrared Ball:  Activate water

Wavelength(um):4-14um Far-infrared emission rate(%): 10-18


Test Data


Use method 

The base (the bottom) is only opened when you need to replace the cartridge. Follow the steps below to replace the cartridge.

1.Unscrew the base.

2.Unscrew the old cartridge and dispose it.
3.Screw the new cartridge on until it is tight.
4.Screw the base back to the bottle after making sure the silicone gasket is in place.
5.Screw the base until it can't be twisted anymore and then to test it, slowly turn the water bottle upside down to see if any water comes out. In case any water comes out, unscrew the base and repeat Step 4 and Step.










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