Food Grade Alkaline Water Pouch

Food Grade Alkaline Water Pouch, which will help you have fresh, ionized water on the go! Now you don’t have to worry about bringing enough alkaline water with you when you leave your house. The portable pouches provide you the comfort and convenience of getting the best water wherever you are in the world. We hope you enjoy this product and we’d love to hear your story. Reach out to us on any of our social media pages anytime!
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Product Details

Food Grade Alkaline Water Pouch

Lanlang Food Grade Alkaline Water Pouch delivery high PH alkaline water. A Economic way DIY Alkaline Water at your home!

Product Features

Our Food Grade Alkaline Water Pouch can make healthy water any time 

●  Food grade material, free from harmful substance

●  Make alkaline water PH 7-9+

●  Release K+1、Ca+2、Na+1、Mg+2、Zn+2 minerals needed by the body to water

●  Cheapest alkaline water choice, can be used for 30 days



The Food Grade Alkaline Water Pouch - Portable Alkaline Water Filtration System, Increases pH levels through specially designed Calcium Balls


Use method


1. Soak the pouch in water for 1 mins

2. Take the pouch out of water, spil out the water and refill the glass

3. Place the pouch in new water, and soak it for 3-5 mins

4. Drink up and get healthy






1. Naturally detox&lose weight

2. Boost immunity

3. Reduce blood pressure

4. Anti-aging

5. Anti-oxidant,Liver health

6. Improved metabolism





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