Alkaline And Antioxidant Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Drink Healing Water --- STABLE ALKALINE AND ANTIOXIDANT / Re-new Your Body Naturally --- Use alkaline water bottle for 60 days and enjoy better hydration and a healthier lifestyle.We stand by our product and provide 100% satisfaction guarantee.Start your hydro water life from today.
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Lanlang Alkaline Antioxidant water Bottle Can Improve Your Health

Restore Cell Function

How does it work?stable, electrically charged ionized water that gives ions, binding to oxidants. And lower cell oxidations means healthier cells. 

Increase Hydration

When water molecules bring nutrients across cell walls, the cells are hydrated. our bottle makes this process easier by breaking down water into smaller clusters, allowing for water to pass through cell walls with ease.

Neutralize Acidity

So how does this apply to you? Eighty percent of Americans have overly acidic bodies, leading to an array of ailments, from heartburn to arthritis. With a high pH level, Lanlang alkaline water bottle neutralizes acidity in your body.

Detoxify Your Body

Free radicals cause cell dysfunction, which leads to health problems. Because our bottle carries a negative electrical charge, they absorb free radicals and stop cell dysfunction.

Product Dtailes

24OZ --- 700ML 

USAGE:With healthy water pouches.

alkaline water bottle2

alkaline water bottle5

26OZ --- 800ML 

USAGE:With water filter inside.

hydrogen water bottle


32OZ --- 960ML 

USAGE:With filter inside.

alkaline water bottle5

alkaline water bottle4






Please freely contact us if you want to try some samples of these 

Healthy Water Bottle 

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