Alkaline Water Tea Bag

Lanlang water teat bag is food grade product to help you get alkaline hydrogen water anytime anywhere.It has kinds of functional water filtration medias in it.Have good performance.
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Product Details

The German biochemist and physiologist Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize, who proved that the alkaline environment is unfavorable for the development of cancer cells.

This alkaline water tea bag product is portable and very easy to use.The media in it is functional ceramic balls with different effect with the water.

The alkaline ceramic ball in it can increase the PH value to about 7.0-9.0,give you a healtier water.Other medias can do the antioxidant,antibacterial etc.It can improve the water quality in many aspects.alkaline water tea bag

Packing types:

We can offer different types of package.

1.Single bag

2.Bottled package

3.Customized bag or box

Besides,we have various healthy water products .If you want to know more about the alkaline water tea bag or other products,just contact us!You will get the right one product in here.

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