Best Alkaline Water Bottle 2020

Best alkaline water bottle 2020.New design product with good quality.The water filtration ceramic media inside of bottle have strong functions including alkaline,antioxidant,antibacterial,mineral etc.To get healthy alkaline water,use the best alkaline water bottle!
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Best alkaline water bottle 2020

Best alkaline water bottle 2020

As the picture shows,the basic informations of this product is:


PC/304stainless steelwstainless steel filter


This product use high quality materials.Body of bottle is PC materials.Inside water filter is 304 stainless steel material filter.And it has the portable folding rings and locked cover.The part in contact with the lips is very smooth, so drinking water with this bottle will have a good experience.

The most important part is the water filtration media in the water filter.With about 15 years in this market.We have standard and strict production and quality control process of our products.We also export the media products.If you want these kinds of medias,welcome to contact us!

More products please visit our website,if you get your prefer product,just tell us and we will offer professional service.

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