Best Hydrogen Water Bottle

Best hydrogen water bottle with high quality water filtration ceramic medias.This product is portable sports functional water bottle.The quality of medias inside is strictly controled.
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Best hydrogen water bottleBest hydrogen water bottle

We generate excessive free radicals due to:

Poor diet



Preservatives and chemical colourants


Alcoholic drinks

Side effects of medicines

Viral and bacterial infections

Sun and other ultraviolet rays

Age, as we generate fewer antioxidant enzymes

The hydrogen dissolved in the water is innocuous. More than half of the human body is made up of hydrogen. When hydrogen does not have its electrons it is attracted to those in oxygen, which forms water (H2O). When we give to hydrogen its own electrons, it separates from the oxygen and is no longer water. It stays mixed in the water, with its own electrons. Hydrogen is a gas, which evaporates. When it evaporates, it takes its electrons with it. Then the water stops being an antioxidant and having a negative electric charge.

This hydrogen water bottle can help us get hydrogen water anywhere anytime.

MaterialFood grade PC
Logo and colour Customization is acceptable
Certification AvailableYes
Packingone bottle/cellophane seal(or single box optional )
Box gauge 45.5*39*52.5/60pcs one corton
Service life6 months,with 3 bottles of water a day

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