Good Quality Alkaline Water Filter Pouch

Good quality alkaline water filter pouch.This product contains different formulas of high-quality water filtration ceramic media, which can comprehensively improve the quality of your drinking water. The portable feature allows you to use it at home or outside to get healthy alkaline water.
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Product Details

Water filter pouch

This product is formulated with all natural medias to naturally enhance and revitalize your water. It could increase the pH and reduce the ORP to create alkaline water for more effective hydration.



7.5 ~ 9.5

ORP (mv)

0 ~ -100

TDS (mg/L)

↑20 ~ 50

Hydrogen (ppb)

↑0 ~ 100

Function material

Natural filter media

Packing material

Food grade Non-woven bag, nylon bag


Restore pH balance in your body

Anti-oxidant power strengthen body's immune system

Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively

Essential minerals maintains optimal health

Improve the taste and smell of drinking water

Inhibit microbe breeding

In addition, if you have certain water quality standards you wish to achieve, our engineers can also customize the formula for you. Contact us now and you can get samples to test before the trail order.

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