Heathier Water By Alkaline Water Bottle

ALKALINE WATER combination of electrolytes, smaller water clusters and antioxidants penetrate and replenish cells extremely quickly while also delivering more oxygen to your body. As a result, your body receives quick boosts of oxygen and energy that increase performance levels in any activity. Even better, when AMAZING Water is combined with vitamins and supplements, it's smaller water clusters are able to deliver the nutrients to cells much quicker than standard beverages.
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AMAZING Water's powerful detoxifying qualities eliminate deep stored waste that in turn empowers your body to shed weight and water retention. AMAZING Water's smaller water clusters also help rejuvenate the skin's overall appearance by penetrating the very deep pathways within skin cells. As a result, the skin is better cleansed and receives essential nutrients on a much deeper level.


AMAZING Water is very detoxifying, as its smaller than normal water clusters are able to penetrate cells much quicker and deeper than nearly any other water or performance beverage. As a result, your body is able to hydrate up to six times faster, deliver essential nutrients quicker and eliminate toxins much easier. AMAZING Water's strong detoxifying abilities leave your body cleaner, your cells stronger and your immune system healthier.



AMAZING Water's alkalinity allows its molecules to carry more oxygen than normal with an extra attached electron (hydroxyl ions). As a result, these molecules are able to seek and neutralize free radicals in your body and prevent free radical damage to your cells. These natural antioxidant benefits leave your body rich in oxygen and energy.

7X Faster Hydration

Because of the science behind it, AMAZING Water has smaller water clusters than standard water. These smaller water clusters penetrate cells easier and far quicker. Thereby delivering oxygen, nutrients and replenishment up to six times faster than nearly anything else you can drink.

AMAZING Water's smaller water clusters combined with its electrolytes are able to detoxify and refuel your body at far superior levels than nearly any other water or performance beverage.


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