Lanlang Portable Alkaline Water Pouch

As the only professional manufacturer of alkaline water pouch in China, Lanlang can supply you the hydrogen alkaline water pouch, which can make healthy water anytime anywhere.
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Lanlang alkaline water pouch is filled with different mineral stones which come together to provide great benefits for every user – including boosting pH, detoxification, increasing hydration, improving metabolism, reducing blood pressure, increasing bone density, regulating digestion, and much more.

MULTISTEP ACTION – Germanium balls, ORP and alkaline, Far infrared, Zeolite, Anti-bacterial, and Maifan Stone balls all work to improve the quality of your water. They improve taste & smell; remove harmful bacteria as well as, fluoride, mercury, and tin; detoxify your body, soothe aches and allergies, and INCREASE the pH of your water

The method of use is as follows, it is very simple, even children and the elderly can operate.

alkaline water pouch

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