Lanlang Sport Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle

Alkaline water bottle is a kind of water bottle which can activate, alkaline, mineral and antioxidant water by adding some functional medium to the filter screen. Filter and filter media can be replaced. The service life of each filter material is three bottles of water per day for 180 consecutive days, about 540 bottles of water.
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Lanlang alkaline water bottle makes crisp and refreshing mineral alkaline water faster than your trip to a store, love your water cold and flavored? Add ice cubes or light-colored flavor (lemon, lime, and any light fruit or berry flavorings) - Lanlang works well with both, sugar or sweetener won’t hurt it either. Each GoFiltr designed to work up to 6 months or 540 refills, that's 540 plastic bottles you don’t have to buy or recycle.


Why we drink alkaline water ?


1. To improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity.
2. Change the common water into Factor IV activated water, which is rich in mineral element, such as Ca, Mg, K and Na.
3. Resist oxidation, delay senility, & be favorable for human beings health.
4. The negative potential can eliminate the excrescent free radical.
5. Detoxicate the alcohol & tobacco.
6. Strong solubility, and long-terms drinking can prevent the renal calculus.
7. Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels, eliminate the dysporia.
8. Cure acidosis, rectify the acidic constitution..

9. Neutralize the excrescent gastric acid, protect against gastritis.

How can I know the water is akaline water ?



test data

Quality ensured

Lanlang Mineral Certificate(Amy 2020.4.27 )

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