Portable Alkaline Water Pouch

Portable alkaline water pouch,Most Convenient Way to DIY Alkaline Water Anywhere Anytime! Functional medias in it make alkaline hydrogen mineral water which is good for human body.
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Portable alkaline water pouch -- Most convenient way yo DIY alkaline water anywhere anytime!


AppearanceGrey, red brown color balls
Sizewith diameter of 3mm
ORP(mv)-200 ~ -350


1.Kangen water, Mineralization water
2.Restore PH balance in your body, offering easy-absorpted calcium to human bodies

3.Essential minerals maintains optimal health

4.Anti-oxidant power strengthen body's immune system

5.Micro-clustered water hydrate cells more effectively

6.Natural maifan stone insures safe and healthy

7.Eliminate the peculiar smell of the water


nylon bag/non-woven bag

Customization are available.

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