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alkaline water antioxidant rich hydrogen water filter media
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Lanlang Negative potential hydrogen-rich column bioceramic ball

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discount ORP Magnesium Granule Ceramic Balls


Applied to drinking fountains, pitchers,Jug, etc.


Drinking water treated with ORP Magnesium Granule Ceramic Balls has the following characteristics:

The color of the hydrogen-rich magnesium ceramic ball is silver-white metal color, which is made up of dozens of processes such as purification, smelting, calcination, cutting and grinding of special ore in nature. This product has the characteristics of weak alkaline, negative potential and reducibility. During the soaking process, water molecules are broken down in an instant, and OH- ions are generated, so that the negative potential value of the water is rapidly decreased, and the pH of the water can be effectively adjusted, and a large number of bubbles are generated. The product has the characteristics of weak alkalinity, negative potential, reducing property, etc., low dissolution and high safety.

Other types of negative hydrogen materials: hydrogen-rich particles, hydrogen-rich tablets, new hydrogen-rich particles, negative potential particles.



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