Water Bottle With Alkaline Filter

Water bottle with alkaline filter.Alkaline water has many benefits of human body. This product can help to get alkaline healthy water anywhere any time. It has a alkaline filter inside which is filled with high quality water filtration ceramic medias.For more details, please see below.
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Product Details

With the improvement of people's living standards, high-protein, high-fat, high-calorie foods are ingested by people in large quantities, so that the human body will continue to produce a large amount of body waste during the metabolic process, such as organic matter, nitric acid, and sulfuric acid. The accumulation of these substances in the body will affect the normal functioning of cells. When these substances exceed the body's own ability to mediate, the balance of the human environment will be destroyed. According to experts, weakly alkaline water can neutralize acid toxins in the body, regulate the pH balance of body fluids, and activate cells.

Lanlang water bottle with alkaline filter can help to make alkaline water anywhere anytime!

CM-AHB131. Continious offering alkaline water for 90 days

2. Lower ORP -300mv~ -500mv

3. Water PH: 7.0-10

4. 100% natural bio ceramic stones in cartridge
5. 550ML capacity
6.High borosilicate glass

one bottle in a pearl cotton

(with single white box)

Single box size:8*8*26cm

Single box G.Weight:500g/bottle

Customized available

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