Wholesale Antioxodant Water Bottle

Wholesale antioxodant water bottleAntioixant can activate cells, eliminate free radicals in the body, and prevent many diseases. It can promote cell activity, metabolism, delay aging, beauty, and beauty. In addition, insisting on the introduction of hydrogen-rich water can enhance immunity and prevent colds. It can also prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular complications. This is because hydrogen can repair and protect islet cells and increase the sensitivity of insulin receptors, so as to restore the normal glucose and lipid metabolism of the body and effectively prevent complications such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
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Wholesale antioxodant water bottle

Oxidation is the biggest threat to skin aging. Sun exposure, stress, environmental pollution, etc. can make skin free radicals overflow, resulting in oxidative phenomena such as dull complexion and lack of water. It is the "culprit" that produces oxidation in the body. So no matter from the health level or from the skin care level, we need to pay attention to antioxidants in daily life.

This product can make healthy water which is antioxidant.


BPA-free Tritan Copolyeste

r304 Stainless Steel Cartridge

Nature Stone Media

ColorCustom Color Accept
Source waterUse only fresh potable water
Life time
120 days (based on 3 bottles daily consumption)

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