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Aquarium Pure-- A premium aquarium partner save your time and money to maintain your aquarium.
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Product Details

General description

Lanlang Aquarium - Aquarium Pure is a highly efficient aquarium filtration product. Compared to other aquarium products on the market, Aquarium Pure significantly removes ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and nitrate, and plays a critical role in absorbing excess nutrients and inhibiting algae. Aquarium Pure makes it easy to maintain a clear and healthy aquarium.

Advantages of Lanlang Aquarium Pure:

  • Size, packaging can be customized

  • Remove yellow or brown aquarium water to make it crystal clear

  • Filter ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and nitrate

  • Reducing the growth of algae

  • Removing dissolved organic matter

  • Let the fish have a better appetite and extend their lives

  • The color changes when the utility is exhausted, and it can be easily regenerated by bleach.


Lanlang Aquarium Pure can optimize the poor water quality caused by contaminants that inhibit the fish's immune system, causing disease even death. Aquarium Pure uses premium materials to remove contaminants such as color, odor and heavy metals. Aquarium Pure is three times more effective in filtering water than carbon.


Where can you use it?

Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums and ponds. It can used in up to 80L of water per 100mL, and the life of one time can be up to six months. It can be used in kinds of filtration equipment such as top filtration, bottom filtration, filter bucket, trickle box, etc. Please follow the instructions to use this product to ensure the best results.


How to use it?

Rinse before use. For best use, Aquarium Pure should be placed in a place with high water flow. Determine whether it should be regenerated by the significant discoloration of the product. Used aquariums must be kept moist to avoid failure.

Regeneration method:

In a well-ventilated environment, soak the Aquarium Pure in a 1:1 bleach: water solution (using a non-metallic container) for 24 hours, conventional 8.25% household hypochlorite bleach is ok(non-scented, no dyes, do not use a splash-less bleach). Rinse thoroughly with water and then soak for 8 hours in dechlorination and water solution to remove chlorine so that Aquarium Pure can be reused.