Far Infrared Bacteria Ball

Far infrared bacteria ball brings you a multifunctional aquarium media- it plays a crytical role in both filtering the aquarium water and fostering the nitrifying bacteria.
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General description

The far infrared bacteria ball has:

  • The super far-infrared bacteria ball is a new filter material, which is more conducive to beneficial bacterial reproduction and special materials, which make the water quality closer to the natural environment and promote fish growth and reproduction.

  • Efficient bacteria culture-- dense voids, rough and complicated pore structure. It is 100 times larger than the ordinary surface area, providing the largest possible habitat for the nitrifying bacteria and promoting the establishment of the flora system.

  • Large oxygen discharge-- porous structure, strong gas permeability, can discharge more oxygen, provide breeding conditions suitable for nitrifying bacteria, and provide an oxygen-rich living environment for fish.

  • Excellent quality-- good shape, uniform color, complex pores and long service life

  • Thousands of calcination high temperature melting-- high temperature sintering is rich in pores, light in weight, free of impurities, and uniform in bees. It can quickly decompose harmful substances, enhance the immunity of fish, and provide a healthy environment for your love fish.

  • Fine honeycomb-like porous structure, the filtering effect is several times that of common bacteria house or ordinary infrared ring, which can prolong the water change time, keep the fish tank water clear, promote fish metabolism and discharge harmful substances in the body. Effectively increase the oxygen solubility in water.

  • The newly developed far-infrared ray increases the ability of oxygen molecules to be transported and increases the oxygen content in the water.



It can be used in all kinds of aquarium filters, like bio-inner filters, outer filters, drop purification filtration systems and garden pond filters.

It is also particularly suitable for small biofilters as a highly efficient and durable filter material. Since the ceramic ring is covered with micropores, it is suitable for the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria, which can play a role in purifying water quality.

Using together with Aquarium Pure will have maximum functions.




Customzing Accept.

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