Volcanic Rocks For Aquarium Filtration And Aquascaping

Natural volcanic stone with porous feature and beautiful color. Beneficial for filtering and decorating.
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What can volcanic rock do for your aquarium?

1. Activated water

Volcanic rocks can make ions in the water active (mainly increasing the content of oxygen ions) and can release a-ray and infrared light slightly, which is good for fish. The disinfection of volcanic stones can not be ignored, and it can be effectively prevented by adding to the aquarium.

2. Stable water quality.

There are two more parts here: the stability of the pH, which can be adjusted to adjust the acidity that is too acidic or too alkaline to be close to neutral. The mineral content is stable, and the volcanic stone has the dual characteristics of releasing mineral elements and absorbing water impurities. When too little or too much, its release and adsorption are produced.

3. Adsorption.

The volcanic stone is porous and has a large surface area. It can adsorb harmful bacteria in the water and heavy metal ions such as chromium and arsenic which affect the organism, and even some residual chlorine in the water. Place volcanic stones in the aquarium to absorb the residue that can not be filtered by the filter and to keep the water in the tank clean.

4. Promote metabolism.

The trace elements released by volcanic stones promote the metabolism of animal cells and bring out harmful halides in the body to clean up the dirt in the cells. .

5. Optimize growth.

Volcanic stones can also increase protein synthesis in animals and enhance immunity, and to some extent increase the mobility of fish..

6. Cultivation of nitrifying bacteria.

The high surface area produced by the porosity of volcanic rocks is a good hotbed for culturing nitrifying bacteria in water, and its surface is positively charged, which is conducive to the growth of microorganisms. It is highly hydrophilic, and it converts NO2 and NH4- serious toxic for vertebrate caused by various causes in water- to NO3, which is relatively better, can greatly improves water quality

Using Direction

Put it into kinds of aquarium filters. You also can use it as aquascaping material.






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