White Ceramic Ring

The ceramic ring is a purely biologically reinforced filter material by biological purification of fresh water and seawater to obtain the best water quality.
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General description

Features of Ceramic Ring:

  1. Can be used efficiently in small filters.

  2. Fast acting - whether it is fresh water or seawater aquarium, optimize water quality.

  3. Keep fish and plants healthy.

  4. Reduce the frequency of water changes.

  5. Long service life. It does not decompose itself and is resistant to seawater corrosion.

  6. Can be used in most filters.

  7. The unique pore structure makes the nitrifying bacteria live and work in peace.



It can be used in all bio-inner filters, outer filters, drop purification filtration systems and garden pond filters.

It is also particularly suitable for small biofilters as a highly efficient and durable filter material. Biofilter cotton is used as a pre-filter material to avoid contamination by floating objects.

Since the ceramic ring is covered with micropores, it is suitable for the proliferation of nitrifying bacteria, which can play a role in purifying water quality.



Customzing package is welcome.



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