Aqauria Pure Aquarium Filter Media

A better choice for aquarium keepers--Aquaria Pure owns exceeding capacity to remove aquarium water color especially yellow and brown, reduce ammonia nitrogen, nitrite&nitrate. Besides, it creates a superior living space by adsorbing excess nutrients and inhibiting algae.
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Product Details

MAIN STRENGTHS of using Aquaria Pure:

  • Last for months. Color changes when it exhausts

  • Easily regenerated by bleacher

  • Customizable

  • Up to 3x more effective in clearing water than carbon



It can be used in all kinds of aquarium filters and is ideal for all freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Each 100ml treats 400L.(100 US gallons) for 3 months or sooner if aquarium is heavily stocked or colors/odors are detected. Make sure to use the product as directed in order to ensure the best results.

aquaria pure application


Rinse before use. For best results, Aquaria Pure should be placed so as to maximize the flow of water through it. Exhaustion is indicated by a pronounced discoloration of the beads to dark brown or black.

Used bags must be kept moist to avoid failure.


aquaria pure package

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