Aquarium Use DI Mixed Bed Resin Cartridge Inline Filter

Aquarium use DI mixed bed resin cartridge inline filter
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Aquarium Filters & Filter Media supplies are fundamental to establishing and maintaining high water quality essential to the health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Choose from our selection of aquariua water filters, filter media, protein skimmers, reverse osmosis and deionization units, UV sterilizers, and more to achieve the best water quality for your freshwater or marine aquarium setup. Lanlang offers a tailored selection of premium aquarium DI-1 cartridge to suit any budget or aquarium setup.

Easy Installation: We could supply some required accessories;1/4'' or 3/8 '' plastic quick connect fitting.It is convenient to install

It could produce pure water 650L, base on feed water base on lab tested on 10 ppm feed to a 10 megohm break as polisher.

In-line DI cartridge works without need of any additional housing.

If you need more inforamtion of Aquarium use DI mixed bed resin cartridge inline filter, welcome to contact us.

inline filter aquarium DI mixed bed resin cartridge


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