Color Indicating DI Resin

Color Indicating DI Resin

LANLANG provides high quality cation and anion color indicating DI resin
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Product Details

Lanlang is supplying high quality cation color indicating DI resin.

The cation DI resin is in purple.Cation DI resin will change to rose red upon exhoustion.

You could found our advantages of our color indicating DI resin below.

-Reduce TDS to ZERO

-Place at final stage in your RO system;

-600g fills standard DI canister

-Vacuum sealed in mylar bags, the day it arrives with guaranteed freshness and quality

The datasheet is as below.

Model nameTY MB-B
Cation / Anion volumetric ratio1/1.5
Moisture content (%)52-57
Total exchange capacity (eq/L)0.6
Particle size range (%)0.315-1.25mm>95
Specific density (g/ml)1.06-1.22
Uniformity Coefficient<1.7
Shipping Weight (g/ml)0.69-0.75
Whole beads after attrition (%)>95

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