Mineral Balls For Shrimp

Keeping a healthy tank should not really be a challenging task either for the amateurs or seasoned fish hobbyists. One just needs to know all the essential elements that can assist you in doing so without being so paranoid about your fish’s condition. Lanlang’s calcium-enriched Mineral balls for Shrimp can help in achieving that healthy tank you always aspire of.
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✔ FOR SHRIMPS' OVERALL HEALTH, BREEDING & HIGHER SURVIVAL RATE --- All the mineral requirement you need to keep your shrimp's optimal health are comprised in Mineral Balls by Lanlang. It has iron, boron, manganese, and calcium. They boost immunity and vitalize metabolism which allows them to live longer. These wonder balls' properties also make them active and energetic which in turn result in higher reproduction.

✔ EXPEDITE MOLTING AND IMPART VIBRANT COLORS --- Calcium-enriched, these magical balls once added to the tank, helps in keeping the general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) in equilibrium. Resultantly, the shrimps can properly molt. The magnesium content, on the other hand, enhances their color.

✔ SUPPORTS GROWTH OF AQUARIUM PLANTS --- Plants also reap benefits from these slow-dissolving balls. If you have live plants in your tank, you may notice a significant increase in their growth as well. So if those moss isn't growing, add these balls and see the difference for yourself.

✔ ESSENTIAL FOR PERFECT NUTRIENT BALANCE --- Perfect health for your red cherry shrimp or ghost shrimp is an assurance when you include Lanlang Mineral Balls. In just a short span of time, you will notice a considerable difference in their overall health. They will become more active and playful.

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