Reverse Osmosis Resin

Reverse Osmosis Resin

Lanlang DI mixed bed resin is widely used as Reverse osmosis resin.
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Product Details

Lanlang TY MB-2 Reverse osmosis resin is made by high quality strong acid cation resin and strong base anion resin with the specific ratio and the resin is with color indicator when the resin being used is going to be regenerated. The ratio of cation and Anion could be customized as per customer requirment.

Advantages of Reverse osmosis resin from Lanlang

1.suitable pore diameter, high surface area as well as high selectivity to target substances.

2.good resistance to high temperature, salt, acid and alkali

3.suitable for various techniques.

4.excellent kinetic properties which leads to high adsorption rate.

5.Low unpredictable cost, easy operating, and low requirements for physical condition

6.resin being reusable, no secondary pollution

SpecificationUnitH+FormOH- Form
Strong acid,cationStrong base,anion
Styrene-DVB, Gel
Function group
Sulfonic AcidQuaternary Amine
Total exchange capacityeq/L≥1.9
Whole bead after attrition%≥90≥90
Moisture content%45-5042-48
Particle densityg/ml1.25-1.291.06-1.11
Volume ratio
Particle size rangemm0.315-1.25

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