High Quality Mineral Laundry Ball

High quality mineral laundry ball.
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High quality mineral laundry ball

Our Mineral Laundry Balls are offering you an easy, environmental and economical washing style. The bio ceramic compound inside the balls splits water clusters and excite the water molecules turning tap water into activated water. The activated water has higher washing power and penetrages in between fabric fibers more easily than the normal tap water.


Environmental protection, protect the clothes and skin, especial adopt to baby and allergic people


water saving, energy saving, time saving, environmental protection


Far-infrared ceramic ball,Toumaline ceramic ball,Negative Ion ceramic ball




Ceramic Balls

The formula is from our professional R&D engineers. Since 2005, Lanlang has engaged in the water filtration products. Now, we have medias products like ion exchange resin, siliphos and also water filtration products like water filter cartridge, functional water bottle, laundry products, shower products etc.

We are ready to offer you solution about the water. Welcome to get in touch with us!

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