Beauty Care DI Water Filter Cartridge for Pure Water

Beauty Care DI Water Filter Cartridge for Pure Water This product is great for aquariums, laboratory testing, and other applications where ultra-pure water is necessary.Mixed Bed DI Color Changing Filter In Clear Housing.
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Lanlang Beauty Care DI Water Filter Cartridge for Pure Water



Lanlang IWC-DIC removes almost all of its mineral ions removed,such as cations like sodium,calcium,iron,and copper,and anions such as chloride and sulfate.It’s turn water into soft water.Soft water does not contain calcium and magnesium ions, and it is not easy to form sticky soapy deposits. Therefore, using soft water to wash your face, you can make the pores thoroughly clean, free to breathe, water and nutrient metabolism smooth, facial skin will delay aging, become shiny, soft, flexible. Soft water is more easily absorbed by human skin. Long-term use of soft water to bathe and wash your face can make your skin delicate and lustrous, and it has a good moisturizing effect and enhances the effect of skin care products.It’s installed post the RO membrane and is the last stage in the filtration process.



1.Soft water helps to care for the skin, it is a beauty skin care artifact for women

1. Bathed in soft water, it can relieve dry skin, skin blemishes and dandruff, and restore normal elastic skin.

2. Soft water has the effect of relieving and eliminating scalp itching and transfusion of hair follicles, so it can inhibit the formation of dandruff; it can also prevent hair loss by washing with soft water; long-term use of high-quality soft water can make hair more and more supple and bright.

3. The soft water laundry foam is rich, which is good for keeping the clothes in the original condition. The clothes are soft and elastic after washing, and the soft water laundry is not irritating to the skin of the hand, and does not hurt the hand.




●  Laboratories               

●  Health&Cosmetology         

●  Glassware washing          

●  Aquarium&Cultivate            

●  Dental offices                

●  Sterilizers                 

●  Cosmetics

●  Pharmaceutical uses

●  Reagent make-up

●  Evaporative equipment

●  Still pre-treatment

●  Humidification systems

●  Breeding tanks

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