GAC filter cartridge

- Aug 13, 2020-

Lanlang GAC filter cartridge is designed for effective reduction of unwanted taste and odor, such as chlorine. There are engineered to allow water to enter one end and pass through to be in contact with the carbon for a maximum length of time, ensuring maximum adsorption. An internal expansion pad is added to minimize channeling or bypass. A nominal 20-micron non-woven of post filter is incorporated to reduce carbon fines and other suspended particles. Lanlang GAC filter cartridge contains coconut shell based activated carbon which is highly effective at reducing certain organic chemicals such as EDB, TCE, and THM's in addition to reducing chlorine.

GAC filter cartridge


1. Low-pressure drop high performance

2. Removal of free chlorine, foul taste odor, colors

3. Long service life

4. Wide choice various media are available


1. Drink water purification system

2. Cooling tower treatment

3. Water purification

4. Color removal

5. Beverages