PP sediment cartridge filter online

- Aug 12, 2020-

PP sediment cartridge filter made of Spun Polypropylene, prefect for filtering Heavy Sediment, Rust, Dirt, Particles, and impurities from the water.

Using non-toxic and tasteless polypropylene particles, through heating melting, spinning, traction, acceptance made of the tubular filter if raw material polypropylene-based. Spray solution can be called PP filter not only purify large quantities of water use also has excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for acids, alkalis, and organic solvents filtering. Dirt holding capacity, long life, and low cost.

PP sediment cartridge filter features:

1. 100% pure polypropylene construction

2. Wide chemical compatibility

3. No lubricants or anti-static additives

4. Higher dirt holding capacity

5. Consistent filtration over the life of the cartridges

6. Low-pressure drop

PP sediment cartridge applications:

1. Residential and commercial water treatment

2. Fine chemical, reagents, solvents, resins

3. Coatings

4. Edible oils

5. Liquors, juices, sugars

6. Make-up water

PP sediment cartridge