PP Sediment Filter and Carbon Filter Cartridge

- Aug 14, 2020-

The sediment cartridge removes sand, grit, precipitated mineral particles, insoluble iron oxide and other debris that can clog the reverse osmosis membrane surface or plug the drain flow restrictor, causing reduced water production. Most ro systems use sediment filters rated to remove particulate matter down to 5 micron. We recommend replacing this filter at least every 6 months. TINY ro sedeiment filters need to be replaced every 3 months.

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Drinking water is disinfected by city utilities to prevent growth of harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause searious illnesses and/or death. However, these chlorinated water supplies can deteriorate TFC membranes over time. Most city water utilities require water leaving the plant to have a minimum chlorine level of 1.0 mg/L (1.0 ppm). After 1000 ppm-hours of free chlorine exposure, the RO membranes may allow increased TDS passage (less contaminant rejection). The carbon filter removes chlorine and protects the membrane downstream of it.

carbon filter cartridge