What is the applications of Ion exchange resin for Water treatrent ?

- Apr 19, 2019-


In terms of the volume of resins used, water softening and demineralization of water are the most significant. Water softening has been practiced commercially for a century or more, making use of a wide range of natural and synthetic products. As the variety of uses for purified water has increased, so has the need to soften and demineralize water.

Demineralization has only been practiced since the discovery of synthetic anion exchange resins in the 1920s. Their usefulness increased greatly with the invention of strongly basic anion exchange resins, which can remove weakly acidic compounds such as silica and carbon dioxide, as well as mineral acids.

This process of ion exchange can be used as a simple method to produce water of very high purity. In general, as industrial and domestic requirements have grown, specifications for water quality have become progressively more stringent, and regulations to enforce these have become more strict. Hence the choice of resin types for a particular application becomes increasingly complex.