where to buy alkaline water bottle

- Apr 24, 2019-

Are you still looking for an alkaline water bottle?

alkaline water

Lanlang BPA Free Plastic Alkaline Water Bottle built in filter that provides mineral rich alkaline water, purifies, nourishes, and hydrates our bodies delivering value, sustainability, and vigor. The combination of the essential minerals absorbs well into our bodies and the many health benefits are countless.


The BPA Free Plastic Alkaline Water Bottle is made of the finest environmental-friendly food-grade Tritan plastic. Without BPA, it is healthy, durable and safe. so it's super tough, durable and safe. The lid of the BPA Free Plastic Alkaline Water bottle will prevent any accidental spills or leak. It is great for use in both outdoor and indoor activities.


Our BPA Free Plastic Alkaline Water Bottle can make healthy water

The material is BPA Free, be good for your body, especially for children.

Weak alkaline water for PH over 8.5,help balance PH in your body;

ORP changed from -100mv~-400mv, restore the negative ion with strong antioxidant;

Anti-aging, removes harmful active oxygen(free radicals);