Why do we need a hardness removal cartridge?

- Aug 12, 2020-

Problems caused by hardness in water: While hard water is not generally unhealthy (see below), it can cause many potentially costly problems.Hard water causes scaling, which is the precipitation of minerals to form a rock-hard deposit called lime scale. Scale can clog pipes and can decrease the life of toilet flushing units by 70% and water taps by 40%. It can coat the inside of tea and coffee pots, and clog and ruin water heaters. In the home environment, hard water requires more soap and synthetic detergents for laundry and washing. It takes half as much soap for cleaning with conditioned water. Hard water and soap combine to form "soap scum" that can't be rinsed off, forming a “bathtub ring” on all surfaces, and it dries leaving unsightly spots on dishes. Using soap on the body in hard water can cause the formation of a scum often referred to as “curd.” The formation of scum and curd is caused when calcium and magnesium form insoluble salts found in soaps. This curd remains on the skin even after rinsing, clogging pores and coating body. This can serve as a medium for bacterial growth, causing nappy rash, minor skin irritation and skin that looks dry and continually itches. Similarly, the insoluble salts that get left behind from using regular shampoo in hard water tend to leave hair rougher and harder to untangle. In industry, hard water contributes to scaling in boilers,cooling towers and other industrial equipment. In these industrial settings, water hardness must be constantly monitored to avoid costly breakdowns. Hardness is controlled by addition of chemicals and by large-scale softening with zeolite resins. Hard Water is calcium.

So you need a hard water purifier to be more healthier.

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