Anion Exchange Resin TA306D

Lanlang ® TA306D is a kind of macroporous arsenic selective anion exchange resin, used for arsenate and arsenite removal
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Lanlang ® TA306D is a premium grade macroporous anion exchange resin with hydrous iron oxide nanoparticles and polystyrene matrix in standard Gaussian size distribution. TA306D is designed for arsenate and arsenite removal. The arsenic is captured by ion exchange firstly and then adsorbed by the iron oxide dispersed throughout the polymers. TA306D has fast kinetics to remove arsenic and can reduce the arsenic content less than 10ppb.

anion exchange resin

Arsenic is known to be highly toxic to all life forms. This element has been classified by the World Health Organization as a group 1 human carcinogenic substance. Recently, many studies have been conducted regarding the environmental fate and behavior of arsenic due to several arsenic pollution cases worldwide and the hazards associated with these.

For the past three decades, several studies have shown that drinking arsenic-contaminated water should be one of the major concerns for the health of mankind. Thus, strategies to avoid arsenic contamination of the groundwater and/or to alleviate the impact of such contamination need to be developed in an attempt to reduce the health risks associated with the intake of arsenic-contaminated water.

So do you need such resin to remove arsenate, do you want to know more technology of arsenate removal by our anion exchange resin? Welcome to contact us here!

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