Anion Ion Exchange Resin For Acid Removal

Lanlang ® CA103D Macroporous weak base anion exchange resin Used for acid removal
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Corrosion is a common concern in modern industrial facilities. Whether it is a brand new plant or an aging facility, making equipment last is a top priority. Computers and electronic systems are very sensitive to corrosive acid vapors. The cost and expense of corrosion can be the result of lost production, unnecessary repairs and maintenance and premature replacement of equipment.

Many facilities deal with corrosion by neutralization with base. However, precision neutralization is not always easy and the resultant neutralized salts stay in the process stream, contributing to sludge and other disposal costs. An alternative method is to use a weak anion exchange resin, which acts as an acid absorber. This is because it contains immobilized bases that remove acid from solution and neutralize, but releases nothing back into the solution that will make a sludge or change the process stream.Acids can be selectively removed from solutions with a weak base anion exchange resin. These resins remove the acid without adding salt. These resins are versatile acid absorbers, removing both mineral and organic acids, such as HCl, HBr, HF, HI, H2SO4, H3 PO4, acetic, formic, propionic, and benzoic acid.A higher capacity acid absorber that is well suited to remove phosphoric acid from phosphate ester lubricants. The higher capacity means longer service life for the media.

Lanlang ® CA103D is a sort of anion exchange resin which has tertiary amine group [-N(CH3)2] in the styrene-DVB copolymer with macroporous structure. This product has the given aperture and specific surface area and active base group, it is used in the ethylene glycol cycling treatment especially, as well as removing acid matter in non aqueous solution.

anion ion exchange resin

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