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Arsenic widely exists in nature, distributed in a variety of minerals, usually with sulfur and metal elements coexist, the metal smelting process is leached.Arsenic is a highly toxic substance and belongs to the first class of pollutants. Currently, the maximum allowable discharge concentration...
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Lanlang TA306D is a strongly basic hybrid anion exchange arsenic removal resin. It is supplied in the salt form as clean, moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads.

It exhibits extraordinary throughput capacity in arsenic removal service on water supplies.

And its performance is virtually unaffected by common anions, such as chlorides, bicarbonates or sulfates. It is effective over the entire pH range of potable water.

Lanlang TA306D is also available in organic trap, perchlorate selective and nitrate selective configured resins. These resins are fully selective for arsenic, but still retain their original ion exchange selectivity.

arsenic removal resin

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