Best Ion Exchange Ro Water Purifier Resin

TC007FG is in compliance with US FDA 21 CFR 173.25 and NSF/ANSI 61 qualified with WQA Gold Seal Certificate. It has excellent chemical, physical and thermal stability. Its good ion exchange kinetics gives high efficiency for uses in both regenerable softeners and non-regenerable cartridges.
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Best ion exchange ro water purifier resin product

ion exchange ro water purifier

TC007FG is a food grade gel type SAC resin produced by sulfonated styrene-divinylbenzene (DVB) copolymers in standard Gaussian size distribution.It is one of the hot sale products in lanlang.

Resins use hydrogen cations to exchange cations, and hydroxide ions to exchange anions; cation one made of sulfonate-containing styrene and divinylbenzene will exchange various cations (such as Na +, Ca2 +, Al3 +) to achieve separation of metal ions, etc. Similarly, anion one made of styrene containing quaternary ammonium salts will exchange various anions (such as Cl-) encountered with hydroxide ions. The hydrogen ions released from the cation one are combined with the hydroxide ions released from the anion one to produce pure water.

This is kind of product is very safe for your water with the certification of WQA.We have many stable customers with this kind of products.

Welcome to contact us for any other information about the ion exchange ro water purifier media product.Our expert will give you the professional service.Also the complete data sheet and samples can be offered for you.

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