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Lanlang ® CS-2 Strong acid cation resin in sodium form Used for monose and oligose separation
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CS-2 is a ion exchange chromatogram resin with special particle size range. Lanlang ® CS-2 is a sodium type resin. Mainly used to separate and purify of glucose, maltose and oligosaccharide. It could improve the purity of glucose from 60% to 90%-95%.

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Ion exchange chromatography resins have charged functional groups bound to resin beads which attract biomolecules of the opposite charge. Cation exchange resins are negatively charged, and anion exchange resins are positively charged. Ion-exchange resins are also categorized as "weak"or "strong" exchangers. These terms aren't related to the strength of ion binding, but instead, refer to the extent that the ionization state of the functional groups varies with pH. A "weak" exchanger is ionized over only a limited pH range, while a "strong" exchanger shows no variation in ion exchange capacity with changes in pH. Weak exchange resins can take up or lose protons with changes in buffer pH, and that added variation in charge offers an additional dimension of selectivity for binding and elution. Strong exchangers do not vary and remain fully charged over a broad pH range, which can make optimization of separation simpler than with weak exchangers.

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