Best Water Softener Resin For Drinking Water

Best water softener resin for drinking water.Lanlang TC008FG is strong acid cation exchange resin with food grade.It is used for softening potable water. Reduing the hardness of drinking water, improving the quality of your life.
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Product Details

In our dairy life, we often see scale on the inner wall of the kettle after a long time. This is because the water contains many inorganic salts, such as calcium and magnesium salts. When they are boiled, a lot of calcium and magnesium salts will precipitate out as carbonate. Our best water softener resin for drinking water TC008FG can reduce the hardness of drinking water by ion exchange technology.


Basic Features

Application: Water softening for potable water, foods and beverages

Polymer matrix structure: Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB)

Appearance: Amber, spherical beads

Ionic form as shipped: Na+

Production Management

KEY PARAMETERS for Premium Food Grade TC008FG

End User Perception



Color level (APHA)

< 10



Safety Consideration

Extractable residue (%)

< 0.1

TOC (mg/l)

0 - 30

TN (mg/l)

0 - 15

Lanlang Food Grade processing techniques will ensure all harmful substances be removed, the resins strictly accords to  NSF/ANSI 61&372 standard and offers safe drinking to customers.

Quality Control

we have our own independent lab to test every batch of our product, we supply COA to our customers for every batch

Safe Packing

we have varity of package designs are available for customers as your needs

We can send the data sheet if you want to know more information.

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