Biodiesel Purification Resin By Lanlang

Biodiesel Purification Resin By Lanlang

Many customers purchase biodiesel purification resin by Lanlang.
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Lots of customers purchase biodiesel purification resin by Lanlang. Why they use ion exchange resin to make it?

The ion exchange system uses cation, anion, and mixed bed exchangers to remove catalyst and other impurities. The removal of ionic substances by ion exclusion chromatography is the concentration step. Due to their charge, the ionic substances are repelled from the resin surface which stays in the liquid volume. The non-ionic substances are accommodated in the resins and pores. Anionic and cationic ion exchangers are exchanged for wash water, which first removes the ionic substances in the liquid and later the non-ionic substances. Negative anionic ion exchangers are exchanged for hydroxide ions where as positive cationic ion exchanged for hydrogen ions. The purification step is the next step which uses ion exchangers. The removal of odour and colour, inorganic salts, soap and fat components are done by the purification process.

For smaller capacity plants, ion exchange purification of glycerol is a good alternative to vacuum distillation. However for this process ion-exchange is not economical since high salt content of glycerol issued from biodiesel production. When the salt content is around 5-7 percent range the chemical regeneration costs becomes extremely high. The disadvantage of the ion- exchange is that it obstructs the process obtaining high purity glycerol and also the system is fouling by soaps and fatty acids. The other shortcoming is the necessity for water evaporation after purification, which results in additional losses of glycerin, carried over by water steam4.

Why do customers choose Lanlang? Because

-Lanlang is WQA certificated manufacturer since 2005

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