Black Color Water Softener Resin

Black color high capacity gel type strong acid cation exchange resin used for water softening and demineralization
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To begin with, there are two variations of crosslink percentage - 8 and 10 percent. Let's take a look at each variation and why you should consider it.

The 8% crosslink is the most used water softening resin percentage. It's suitable for removing dissolved iron up to 3 - 5 parts per million while softening your water wholly. This resin should serve you for about 10 -15 years, which is based on your water quality. You can expect maximum effectiveness from this unit when used with non-chlorinated water.

When it comes to softening hard water, 10% crosslink packs a lot of strength. This type is recommended for people dealing with chlorinated iron-free water. Higher crosslink helps handle the high amount of chlorine in your water. Besides, it permits a huge capacity for water.

We have both The 8% crosslink and 10% crosslink resin. Today I want to recommend you two black color resins: Lanlang ® TC008 B and Lanlang ® TC010B. Both can be used for water softening and demineralization. Its dark color makes it it convenient to be separated from anion resin in mixed bed. 

black color water softener resin (2)

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