Black Softener Resin High Cross Linkage Premium Food Grade

Lanlang ® TC012FG Black color high cross linkage gel type strong acid cation exchange resin Used for water softening and demineralization
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Do you know properties of Ion exchange resins?

1. Swelling. They are hygroscopic. The amount of moisture hydrated by a resin is determined by the cross-linking and the type of functional group. Low cross-linking gel resins with functional groups of sulfonic acid or quaternary ammonium contain large amounts of water resulting in swelling. Frequent swelling and contraction reduce the resin life.

2. Capacity. Capacity is a number of chemical equivalents of ions that can be taken up by a unit amount of the resin (dry weight/wet weight/wet volume). Cross-linking decreases the capacity measured on the dry basis (fewer functional groups may be attached to highly cross-linked polymer molecules). However cross-linking also decreases hydration of the resin therefore the capacity measured on the wet basis increases with an increase of the cross-linking level.

3. Particle size. Ion exchange resins are available in different particle (bed) size. Common ion exchange resins are manufactured in form of polydispersed spherical beds with the size distributed within the range 0.01-0.05”(0.25-1.25mm) or in form of uniform particle size (UPS). Smaller particles improve the kinetics of the ion exchanging reaction but cause increase of the water pressure drop and decrease of the flow rate.

4. Stability. Mechanical (physical) stability of ion exchange resins is determined mainly by the toughness of the polymer structure (cross-linking) and by the frequency of swelling-contraction cycles. Chemical degradation of ion exchange resins may be caused by fouling the resin pores by precipitates (e.g., iron hydroxide), breaking polymer structure, loss of ion exchange capacity due to a modification of the functional groups.

Now you have know some properties, I would like to introduce Lanlang product.

Lanlang ® TC012FG Is a premium food grade gel type strong acid cation exchange resin with high cross linkage at 10%. It is in compliance with US FDA 21 CFR 173.25 and NSF/ANSI 61 qualified with WQA Gold Seal Certificate. It can be used in water softening for potable water, foods and beverages.

Reversible swelling, Ca2+ → Na+ (%)<8

capacity (eq/L): ≥2.2;

Particle size range (%): 0.315-1.25 mm≥95

black softener resin

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