Boiler Field Ion Exchange Resin

boiler industry use ion exchange resin;analog amberlite Irc120 cation resin
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If you need boiler water softening ion exchange resin, It's time to choose Lanlang corp.

Let me introduce amberlite cation resin for you.

Amberlite Resin IRC 120 NA water softening resin.It is equvalient to our TC008,It is most popular type resin we sell, it is special used for different industry boiler water treatment.

It is specialized used in the boiler steam systems market. Our TC008 cation resin could effectively reduce boiler fouling and reduce maintenance costs.

IRC120 Na Ion Exchange Resin is a generalpurpose softening resin with a long-established track record of

reliable performance in the industry. This durable resin offers a good balance of capacity and strength resulting in long lifetime for co-flow regenerated systems in industrial water treatment.

IRC120 Na is available for demineralization applications when the sodiumform is preferred by the user.

If you want to know more information, product data sheet, service and price etc. , welcome to contact us.

ion exchange resin

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