best price Di Resin

best price Di Resin

Lanlang has cheap DI resin with very high quality
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Product Details

Lanlang' DI resin is consisted of strong acid cation resin and strong base type anion resins.The resins were prepared with fixed ratio, with the aim of producing high quality purified water.

It could be loaded either in small cartridges or big industrial resin columns.

By using this DI resin, projects requiring high demineralized water , low silica, TOC could be handled.

Normally this resin was not suggested being regenerated, but if required , by back washing and separating

the anion/cation, the resins could be regenerated separately.

Model No.:TY MB-2
Polymer structure:Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
Appearance:Amber color spherical beads
Functional Group:Sulfonic Acid / Type I Quaternary Ammonium 
Ionic form as shipped:H+ / OH-
Cation / Anion volumetric ratio1/1.5
Moisture content (%)52-57
Total exchange capacity (eq/L)0.6
Particle size range (%)0.315-1.25mm>95
Uniformity Coefficient <1.7

This cheap DI resin could be used in below type of cartridges:

cheap di resin cartridge

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