Chelating Resin For Trivalent Chrome Plating

What resin is better to remove copper, iron ion from Lanlang? We recommend you our chelating resin CH020.It is widely used in surface finishing industry.
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Product Details

Lanlangc is producing chelating resin for trivalent chrome plating.Some customers are in metal plating surface finishing industry. For example, chrome plated,ganvanizing,nickel plating, etc. They need the resin to remove ion of: Cu,Fe, Ni, Zn from waste water.

The model of such resin from Lanlang is CH020.This product can fix and chelating one or several kinds certain cation in a great range even in the solution with high content. It is generally used to separate and recover the precious metals ion, especially for the secondary refining of salt brine when the content of strontium is near or higher than the content of calcium in the process of ion membrane alkaline manufacturing.

Please kindly see the data sheet as below.

Basic Features:

Application: Cooper, nickel, cobalt, zinc removal

Polymer matrix structure: Macroporous polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene (DVB)

Appearance: White, spherical beads

Functional Group: iminodiacetic acid

Ionic form as shipped: Na+

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