Chromatography Separation Ca2 + Ion Exchange Resin

Lanlang ® CS-1 is a kind of strong acid cation resin in calcium form, used for glucose and fructose separation
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Fructose is the sweetest sugar in nature. It has the advantages of high sweetness, low calories, and good flavor. Crystal fructose with a purity of 97% or more is 115-117 times sweeter than sucrose. It is suitable for patients with diabetes and heart disease.. However, the fructose syrup with a mixture of fructose and glucose of 50% each is produced by various production processes, which needs to be separated to obtain.

Because the fructose in the fructose solution has a greater adsorption capacity in the Ca2 + ion exchange resin than fructose, under the action of the desorbent, the retention time of fructose through the resin is long, while glucose is short. Glucose is desorbed from the resin first. Continuous separation of fructose and glucose. The ion excahnge resin has high mechanical strength and abrasion ball rate, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, convenient desorption and regeneration, and can be reused, thereby achieving good economic benefits.

Glucose and fructose separation method currently used on a large scale in industry is chromatographic separation. Recently, with the gradual development of technology, it is completely possible to prevent turbulent flow of sugar liquid and water in the water passing process and prevent re-mixing of the separated fructose and glucose, so a high-concentration and high-purity treatment liquid can be obtained.

Lanlang ® CS-1 is a chromatogram ion exchange resin with special particle size range. Lanlang ® CS-1 is a calcium type resin. Mainly used to separate and purify of glucose and fructose, the purity of fructose could improve from 42% to 80%-95%.

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Are you looking for ion exchange resin for glucose and fructose separation? Lanlang ® can offer you one-stop service!

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