Dark Water Softening Resin Food Grade

Lanlang ® TC012FG Food Grade high cross linkage gel type strong acid cation exchange resin Used for softening potable water and water for foods and beverages.
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In order to meet the increasing needs of a growing population, the food and beverage industry demands pure clean water for their various products. Requirements include decolorisation of wines or juices and dealkalising and softening water for breweries, as well as processing water for the highly demanding cane and corn sugar production industry.

We have a product Lanlang ® TC012FG which is certified by WQA, used for softening potable water and water for foods and beverages. Its dark color makes it convenient to be separated from anion resin in mixed bed. The high cross linkage makes it have excellent resistance to attrition and oxidative degradation. It has excellent chemical, physical and thermal stability, and high exchange capacity. Its good ion exchange kinetics gives high efficiency for uses in both regenerable softeners and non-regenerable cartridges.

dark water softening resin

Suggested Operating Conditions:

Max operating temperature

120 ℃

PH range


Service flow rate

5-50 BV/h


10-15% NaCl

If you have such need of dark water softening resin used in food and beverage field. Welcome to contact us! Lanlang with 15 years experience in water treatment fireld will offer you best solution!

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