Datasheet CT175 Ion Exchange Resin

Datasheet CT175 Ion Exchange Resin

CT175 Ion Exchange Resin Datasheet
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Lanlang ® TC002D Ion Exchange Resin is equivalent to CT175 . 

Analog CT175 is macroporous, strong acidic polymeric catalyst. Its unique properties include higher acid strength, higher total acid sites and higher thermal stability than other polymeric catalyst. The catalyst also has a unique structure properties including a large pore diameter and volume allowing reactants access to those active acid sites, Because of its large pore structure, analog CT175 has a greater resistance to fouling due to the formation of polymeric side products,  This catalyst ion exchange resin had been developed to catalyze many organic reactions and specifically optimized for the production of oxygenates such as MTBE and TAME.


1TypeMacroporous strongly acidic
3Function group-SO3-
4Ionic formH+
5Moisture content (%)50-60
6Quality Total Exchange Capacity (mmol/g)≥4.8
7Total exchange capacity (mmol/ml)≥1.8
8Defined Shear Rate (%)≥90
9Bulk Density (g/ml)0.75-0.85
10True Density (g/ml)1.22-1.30
11Particle Size Range (%)0.45-1.25 mm≥95

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We not only can offer analog CT175 resin and all equivalent details, but also offer water solution.  

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