Deionization MB Resin

Deionization MB resin. It is designed for production of high purity water and other applications requiring DI water.
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Product Details

MB resin desalination is to put the anion and cation exchange resins in the same exchanger. Before operation, they should be separately generated into OH type and H type, and then mixed evenly. Therefore, the mixed bed can be regarded as a multi-stage compound bed composed of many staggered resins.

We has kinds of MB resin products which can be used in many applications.

The model and typical application are shown in below:

TY MB-1Water deionization for EDM, aquarium, window / vehicle / photovoltaic panel cleaning
TY MB-2Water deionization for electronic industry, dental instrument, laboratory
TY MB-3Preparation of ultrapure water with resistivity >18MΩ.cm
TY MB-GColor changes from green to yellow after exhausting
TY MB-BColor changes from blue to yellow after exhausting

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And we also have other related products which has good performance.

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