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deionizing resin suppliers

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The ion exchange resin controls an important processing parameter during the cutting process-the conductivity of the processing industry (water). The resin has the characteristics of high effluent purity, stable water quality, large exchange energy, and extended service life. It can effectively remove metal impurities and ionized metal ions in the working fluid, ensure the conductivity of the working fluid (water), and stabilize the cutting of machine tools. Parameters, improve cutting accuracy and processing speed,

Resin is a product specially developed for the water treatment system of wire cutting machine tools. It can quickly adjust the water resistivity to meet the predetermined requirements, long service life, vacuum sealed packaging, convenient transportation and storage.


1. Keep the resin packaging intact and not damaged;

2. Do not open the package under direct sunlight;

3. Regularly check whether the resin packaging is good;


Appearance------------a spherical particle

Skeleton ------------------------Styrene and divinylbenzene cross-linked copolymer

Type ------------------------ Gel type

Factory ion type-----------------H+/OH-

Particle size range: mm---0.315-1.25mm ≥95%

Chemical stability -------------------- insoluble in water, dilute acid, alkali

Recommended conditions for wire-cut resin:

pH range -------------------- 1-14

Operating temperature ----------------------60℃

Small resin layer height-----------------≥700mm

Operating flow rate----------------------8-40m/h

Lanlang value;

Fast Delivery: 15 days delivery time if urgent demand.

Provide stable and fast lead time, no any delay for your production. and complaints.

3. Strict QC Systems: Independent-Lab offers you Certificate of Analysis (COA).

We could guranttee your product quality stability.

4. Quality Tracking: Samples store 1+ years for tracking test anytime.

Provide excellent QC and after-sales service to you.

If you have any demand, welcome to contact us.

strongly acidic ion exchange resin

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