Di Resin Window Cleaning Mixed Bed

Lanlang® TY MB-1 Mixed Bed Resin For water deionization application
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When we use tap water to clean windows, the mineral composition has not been removed and this will result in severe spotting and staining to the glass. The reason for this is that those minerals will dry in a fine layer over the glass, and become visible to the human eye. When we use purified water there are no traces of anything in this water to dry onto the window, and the deionised water actually helps in the cleaning process because it sticks to all the dirt particles as we clean the windows. This happens, because the water is chemically drawn to attract new particles to replace the ones we have removed. As we rinse off the glass, the water that is rinsed off takes with it all those newly dirty particles.

Lanlang® TY MB-1 is a high quality resin 50/50 mixture composed of strong acid cation resin in H+ form and strong base type 1 anion resin in OH+ form. It is designed for production of high purity waterand can achieve almost complete reduction of TDS and conductivity <0.1 µS/cm. If you use the water processed by mixed bed resin, then you can get the clean windows.

di resin window cleaning

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